Tagclean is a utility to make it easy to maintain a clean and structured collection of ogg’s and mp3’s. Give it a filename and it will go through great effort to extract useful information from IDv1, IDv2, vorbiscomments and filename, clean it up and present it for you to create nice tag. When the tagging is done it will create a unix-friendly filename to save as. Easy editing is courtesy of libterm-gnu-readline

How it works

$ cd ogg
$ tagclean *.ogg

This will start the tagclean script in single-modus. Your shell will expand the * to all the ogg’s in the directory and feed them to tagclean. For each file it will try to get some usefull information from the filename, vorbis-comment, id3v2 and id3v1. Then if, it’s a filename, clean it up.